KFC Features Launched A Red Lipstick That Tastes Like Hot Wings

KFC Has Actually Released A Red Lipstick That Preferences Like Hot Wings

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KFC Features Circulated A Red Lipstick That Tastes Like Hot Wings

As I think of KFC, I think of
deliciously greasy fastfood
this is certainly bad to suit your veins but tastes too damn best that you care. One thing Really don’t imagine is cosmetics. But KFC has actually without a doubt waded to the makeup industry by launching a limited-edition lip stick that apparently tastes like hot wings. Go figure!


  1. The release was at honor of nationwide Lipstick Day and nationwide Wing Day.

    They occur to drop for a passing fancy day, July 29, so KFC believed they’d get into throughout the activities by publishing a product that pays respect to all of those activities. Not surprisingly, this is not your own normal lipstick!

  2. It really is known as KFC Desire.

    Entertaining name, but actually crazier is the fact that it’s made out of actual distilled KFC hot wings and chili oil, which makes it one spicy lipstick. It only is available in one shade, that is supposed to be a universally flattering hue of reddish called Bucket Red No. 11.

  3. KFC made their unique lip stick wingproof also!

    This means possible use it, chow down on two KFC Hot Wings, and also the lip stick will not have budged an inch. Apparently it would possibly resist eating and consuming various other things at the same time, that is always a good thing. « set-to make the charm globe by storm, KFC desire has been designed with an innovative new WingProof formula, » KFC stated in a statement. « Not only will it flavor lip-smackingly good, but it’s already been formulated with a brand new eight-hour conditioning and smudge-proof technology meaning it could endure a KFC wing-sesh. The budge-proof finish offers the independence to put on your own lipstick and savor your wings. »

  4. Sadly, it’s not accessible to most people.

    But if you are eager to obtain your hands on a single, go to the KFC
    where you can sign up for the opportunity to win your very own tube. You need to stop wasting time, though. They won’t end up being available for very long!

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